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We'll get you back to a safe & healthy environment. Whether the damage is from a broken pipe or the Florida weather, we have you covered.


Mold Inspection & Water Removal:

Protect Your Home or Business

Florida's climate is hot and humid, so plenty of people each year have both mold problems and water damage. Whether a pipe bursts or humidity creates spots on your ceiling, Sunsation Restoration has the licensed mold assessment & removal and water removal professionals  to save you time and money by getting ahead of the damage.

Water Damage and Mold

Mold Removal

Once you’ve determined that you have a mold problem, Sunsation Restoration is the perfect business in Brevard to help reduce damage to your home or business and protect the people in it. Our licensed mold remediation professionals remove extensive mold infestations and help you restore property so that you can live and work in a safe environment again. Don’t let it spread out of control, contact us today!

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Mold Assessment

Mold means there’s moisture where it shouldn’t be, whether you’re having problems with plumbing, a leak is causing issues, or your house is getting too much water from the Florida climate. If you think you might have mold, call Sunsation Restoration today to schedule a mold inspection with our experts to determine the extent of the damage and what might be the best remediation options for you.

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Water remediation

Part of living in Brevard is dealing with annual flooding and water problems. Since water damage is detrimental to building structure it's important to take care of it soon. Homes and businesses alike should tackle water damage early on, whether it’s from a broken pipe or bad weather. Sunsation Restoration is equipped to handle even the most disastrous cleanups so that you can save your property and prevent future mold problems.

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Mold or water, We Do Everything you Need

Sunsation Restoration & Cleaning is the best in Brevard, with high quality cleaning and inspection services. Learn about our business and what we do.

Licensed Professionals

Our specialists are local and licensed in both mold remediation and mold assessment, and Sunsation's specialists also have28 years of water restoration experience.

Cost-Effective & Contained

Mold and water removal can be a costly service, which is why our process for all remediation jobs is designed to avoid doing damage to the unaffected area.

24-Hr Emergency Services

You'll never know when disaster will strike from the rainy season or an accident. That's why we offer around-the-clock emergency services, so you'll never be without help.

Helping Businesses & Homes

It doesn't matter whether you're a business owner or a home owner, Sunsation Restoration is here to help with your mold and water problems no matter what.

Indoor Air Quality Experts

Our team members work hard to keep our knowledge up to date by remaining current with the industry's best practices and then putting those into use for our clients.

Every Service You Need

From allergy testing to mold assessment, we are equipped to handle any problem we might come across, so you'll never worry with Sunsation.


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