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Mold Assessment

Mold AssessmentGet Those Spots Checked!

Get ahead of your mold problems and contact a mold investigator when you first see those pesky spots. With our licensed professionals, we can help you find and test all the potential problems in your home or business.

Mold Remediation

Mold RemediationRemoval & Restoration

When mold is on the loose, a detailed and efficient remediation job is what's needed to remove the mold and keep it from returning. Do you need a problem taken care of? Sunsation Restoration's licensed remediators are on the job!

Allergy Testing

Allergy TestingTest Your Building for Allergens

We can conduct tests for contaminants in homes and other buildings that are known to cause allergies. These top five allergens - dust mites, dog dander, cat dander, cockroach parts, and rodent urine - can be affecting your breathing without your knowledge.

Odor Identification

Odor IdentificationWhat's Causing That Smell?

We can serve as both the ones who assess the indoor air quality at your location and the ones who build the protocol for your general contractor. Discover the source of the unusual or bad smells and learn how to fix them with us!

Moldy Room

Sunsation Restoration Professional Mold Inspection and Remediation

Why We're the Best in Brevard and How We Can Help You

Mold inspection is a vital part of the process for determining what needs to be done for potential mold infestations. When you see suspicious growth or start to experience excessive amounts of moisture in a building, you may be on the road to a serious mold problem. Because mold can be a fast-growing issue, getting a swift and certain estimate of the type and quality of mold infestion you could be looking at is as important as the actual removal process. Mold investigation helps save you time and money when our licensed assessment specialists use thorough and non-invasive equipment to discover whether or not you could have a mold issue on your hands.

Once your mold problems have been discovered, we have many options to help with your mold removal process. The process for mold remediation can be costly and long, but our professionals are licensed and skilled in both remediating the mold and doing it in a cost-effective manner. Because the damage from mold can be small to extensive, we remove baseboards and parts of drywall in order to pinpoint the location of mold and potential mold growth in the home or business. Mold grows in places with more moisture, which can be a product of humidity from the climate, but is also caused by leaks in the roof or pipes that cause water to collect in out-of-the-way places. We look for and address these kinds of mold-causing problems as well. Our process also includes detail-oriented cleaning of items with mold and items that could have been exposed to mold in addition to walls and floors. This detail-oriented, thorough cleaning that targets potential causes of mold and affected areas will not only remove the mold problems from your home, but will also prevent future mold problems from occurring from the same causes or residual mold.

Sunsation Restoration Professional Water Removal and Remediation

How We Can Make Your Water Damage Disappear

In Brevard, water damage can come from a variety of sources and happens in any structure, whether business or home. That's why we service residential areas, business, apartments, condos, and any other large or small structure that may have experienced water damage or collected water. Damage can occur from storm flooding, broken pipes and water heaters, damaged sinks, bad roofs, and more. This damage can result in large part of walls, floors, and furniture being damaged or waterlogged, requiring more than just a fan in order to dry without future mold and mildew threatening your structure and content.

In addition to being able to dry your walls and floors, our professionals will use our heavy duty cleaning and drying equipment to fix waterlogged rugs, carpet, furniture, and other large areas and items. We are equipped to handle both small-time issues like a broken pipe, but we can also handle extensive damage that leaves walls and roofs decayed and unsalvagable.

When water collects in large quantities, we are also able to manage the water extraction and drying process as well, whether the water is recent or has been standing a long time, or is even from sewage. It's important to tackle these kinds of problems sooner rather than later to prevent growth of viruses, microbes, mildew, and mold, which is why we offer a 24 hour, around-the-clock service to prevent future issues with water damage.

Water Damaged Ceiling

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