Do You Need Help with Water Damage Restoration?


water damage restoration needs for the navyAs a general mold remediation and water damage restoration company,  we have a history of dealing with water damage restoration in homes and businesses. Starting almost thirty years ago, we’ve been drying out your home as efficiently as possible. From hurricanes to a leaky roof to a faucet left on because a cat rubbed against it, we’ve done it all.

What we see as far as water damage is that is not usually from weather or climate (although that can certainly be a big problem). We often find that it is more likely a problem with a pipe fitting or other problem with the plumber. Those are most likely to blame for the large amount of water that can show up in your home. Recently, we helped a family whose home had about ten swimming pools worth of water pass out through it. All because of a bad fitting and a slab leak. What a disaster!

A Disaster at Home

Water damage in the roof or through the wallsThe culprit was a small fitting that had broken underneath their kitchen sink. Soon after the plumber fixed the fitting, they found their water bill doubled from before. They had a slab leak that formed during other plumbing issues. A slab leak is a leak from a broken pipe underneath the home or within the concrete foundation of the building. Slab leaks are a pain and are often hard to catch early on. The leak was promptly fixed, but the fitting that was a problem in the first place broke again due to poor installation.

The fitting failed with no one around to catch it this time. Not only was it a huge problem, but it became much bigger because no one knew it was happening until too late. Roughly a fourth of an Olympic-sized pool flowed out their front door by the time we got there. We came in, dried out the walls, and surveyed the damage. This time we were able to suggest a dependable plumber, with fittings that would last more than a week! This is just one of the many types of problems that Sunsation deals with during our week.

The Importance of Calling Someone to Help

water damage can lead to mold damageWe have a wide variety of drying methods which help slow or stop the tide when dealing with water. It’s important to begin dealing with the water as soon as possible. One of the largest problems you can have if you’re dealing with water damage is that if it’s not dried the water will become stagnant. Stagnant water isn’t just annoying and damaging, it’s also dangerous. When left, this water will turn to Category Three which is equal to sewage. Not only does this type of water do the most damage, it can make residents sick if they deal too much with it. However, all water damage can lead to mold damage. That’s why it’s always important to call a water damage restoration professional if you suspect you have a leak. Please call a company you trust if you have any water damage restoration needs.

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  1. Great post! Mold can be very dangerous to your health! Call a restoration company if you ever see your ceiling like the image above!

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