The Roots of Mold Removal What Came First? A long, long time ago in the distant 90’s a vile enemy was found in the midst of our homes and places of business. The mere mention sent shivers down the backs of all media outlets! That’s right—it was the dreaded asbestos! You thought I was going to say mold, weren’t you? Twenty […]

Do You Need Help with Water Damage Restoration?   As a general mold remediation and water damage restoration company,  we have a history of dealing with water damage restoration in homes and businesses. Starting almost thirty years ago, we’ve been drying out your home as efficiently as possible. From hurricanes to a leaky roof to a faucet left on because […]

Sunsation Restoration Blog: We’re here to help! Having Trouble with Water & Mold Remediation? Welcome to Sunsation Restoration‘s new blog. As your local water and mold remediation experts, we will be writing about several topics that can affect you and your home. There are plenty of problems that we face living in Florida, many of which affect homes and businesses every […]