Water Damage Restoration:  The Signs of Damage So, You Might Have Water Damage… When it comes to flooding and mold, water damage restoration is an important part of cleanup. Knowing what to look for though is important. This can help determine what kind of restoration work is needed. Water is an incredible force that can be beneficial or incredibly destructive […]

A Mold that Saves Lives As we discussed in a previous blog, penicillin has quite the history. We’ve seen how it came about and learned about the minds of Ernest Duschene and Alexander Fleming. And we’ve discussed already a great number of different ways molds have formed by accident. But what if we’re looking to create mold? Well, that’s not […]

Water Damage and Mold Remediation: Hiding Places The Spreading of Molds In previous entries, we have talked about the mold life cycle.  We’ve also talked about some quick things you could do to prevent mold damage from becoming too much of a problem in your household. But sometimes, hurricanes, storms, broken pipes, and more disasters happen in life, and water […]

Penicillin and Ernest Duchesne Sometimes it is the person to first make the biggest waves in a field to get the credit. Sometimes, a more talented, lesser-known figure made the discovery years before, and they don’t get the credit due to a lack of standing. It’s not only the medical field though that this occurs in. We’ve seen it in […]

Mold Inspection and Testing: Life Cycle Discovery and Prevention

Introducing Mold Inspection and Testing: When it comes to mold inspection and testing, it’s important to understand how it grows, where it lives, and how to prevent it.  It’s not always that simple to go about find the mold, and the process can be costly.  Arming yourself with a little knowledge about the nature of mold can be an ideal […]

Miracle Mold Out of all the molds in the world, the one that most people will recognize is penicillin. However, few people realize that it has had a long and involved history with humanity. People see mold as an inconvenience and nuisance, but there are molds that have shaped our history for the better. Even the people in the world […]

At-Home Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, FL: DIY Stain Removal & More When it comes to cleaning and home solutions, there are a lot of possibilities for you. Baking soda, vinegar and even citrus can be effective tools when it comes to cleaning carpets and floors. These can be effective for small stains and basic cleaning around the house and can help […]