Is Mold Hiding in Your Home? Help! I Found Mold! Sometimes, people don’t know when to call a professional or when it’s safe to spray an area and wipe it clean. When it comes to mold, there are a lot of questions that you won’t deal with regularly, so that’s why we’re here to help! Today I’m going to talk […]

Mold Removal: Brevard and Questions About Black Mold   When it comes to black mold removal, Brevard has experts on the subject–just talk to Sunsation Restoration! What Exactly Is Black Mold? In a previous entry, we discussed some of the most common mold types that you may find in your home. Those aren’t the only mold types as there are […]

The Roots of Mold Removal What Came First? A long, long time ago in the distant 90’s a vile enemy was found in the midst of our homes and places of business. The mere mention sent shivers down the backs of all media outlets! That’s right—it was the dreaded asbestos! You thought I was going to say mold, weren’t you? Twenty […]